Pre-School Places

Egerton Pre-school places are offered approximately a half term in advance of the starting date. Egerton Pre-School is open to children from the term after they turn three until they leave to go to school.  If space allows, we will start children the term before they are three.

The dates will change depending on the school term dates. Children are admitted as follows:

3rd Birthday Start Pre-School Pre-School will be in touch
Autumn term (Sept – Dec) January End October onwards
Spring term (January – March) After Easter End February onwards
Summer term (April – August) September Mid – End May

We are a busy pre-school and our policy has always been to serve our local community, we do take out of catchment children but when numbers are high priority is given to in catchment children as outlined below.

Visit the Pre-School

We do offer visits to pre-school to have a look around, these are normally done around six months before starting. To arrange a visit please do not hesitate to get in touch either by email or telephone (01565 652340). A decision will be made each term concerning early intakes and places for children who live out of the catchment for the Pre-school and Primary School, this will rely on demand for places and availability.

Waiting List

All children are placed on a waiting list.  If more children apply than the number of places available, children will be placed in order of age and then priority will be given to:

  1. Children who have older siblings who attend Egerton County Primary School
  2. Children living in its catchment area.
  3. Children living outside the catchment area.

place at Egerton Pre-School does not guarantee the offer of a place at Egerton Primary School.

Pre-school will be in touch approximately a half term before the starting date and a visit will be offered. If the place is accepted, then one induction visit is arranged during the half term before the starting date.

If you would like to be placed on our waiting please download, fill out, and return our  Enquiry form (PDF) as soon as possible.

Induction Visit

The induction visit allows children and their parents/carers to meet the staff and their new playmates, see the routine and become familiar with the pre-school. Initially 2-3 mornings only (9am–12pm) will be offered, sessions available will depend on numbers at that time. Full day care (9am-3pm) is only available to children in their last year at pre-school or the term after they turn 3, depending on our numbers. The hours offered to these children will be over 2.5 days. Of which the half day has to be an afternoon (12-3pm) to allow morning sessions to be available for our younger children. Any extra sessions/days in addition to these full days will be offered subject to demand and availability.