Autumn Half Term Blog

Autumn Term 2020:

It has been a very busy start to the new school term; firstly we would like to thank all the parents that volunteered to form our new committee. Louise has posted on Famly the parents that are involved for this new pre-school year but we are always grateful for any extra help when life eventually returns to some kind of normal!

It has been lovely to welcome our new families leaving their children with us for the first time and also welcoming back some familiar faces with siblings. The children have all settled well into a new pre-school routine and are enjoying a wide range of activities.

As Autumn is now upon us and the children have been showing an interest in the changing of the season (collecting leaves, conkers, twigs etc.,) we have started our Autumn frieze. We have also been using conkers, paint and large tins with the children rolling the conkers around the tin to make different patterns, this used elbow and shoulder movements.  The children also enjoyed the story of “Leaf Man” and some children made their own leaf pictures using autumn colours.

We are have started our Autumn walks looking for signs of Autumn, collecting leaves, conkers, horse chestnuts and anything else of interest. Whilst walking we will be listening for the different sounds in our environment. Small groups for letters and sounds have been focusing on musical instruments, playing loud, quiet, fast and slow, listening to the different sounds the instruments make, also singing and following the actions to nursery rhymes. We have also been listening and joining in with stories that have repetitive phrases (for example The Three Little Pigs, The Gingerbread Man, Owl Babies). 

On our return to pre-school (Monday 2nd November) we will be talking about Bonfire Night and fireworks and making our own pictures whilst talking about keeping safe. We will also be learning about Diwali (14th November) and how it is celebrated.

We are also encouraging self help skills with all the children; this includes finding their own coat and then helping to put it on. We have also been working on putting on our own shoes or wellingtons (needed when the big garden is wet/muddy) and would appreciate parents continuing with this at home.

The staff are currently working with the children to make handprints for the Christmas cards, the forms are being sent out so keep a look out. We are running our popular Holiday Club this week on Tuesday 27th, Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th 9-3pm. If you are interested in your child attending please message Andrea, Diane, Jo or Colleen via Famly to check availability. See Andrea’s recent posting on Famly with regard to pricing and the activities we have planned.