Comments from our Parents and Carers



“What a wonderful environment in which to play and learn. Egerton Pre-School is one in a million in so many ways. The warmth, fun, love, adventure, care, trust and development that each child gains from each of you is overwhelming. In addition the management and communication with parents exceeds expectation.”

“It is the hard work, thoughtfulness and attention to detail from the team that make Egerton Pre-School unique and we feel very lucky to have been a part of this. We are eternally grateful for the exciting, happy and enjoyable year we have spent with you.”

“Thank you so much for helping our little boy’s confidence to grow so much over the year he has spent with you. Your love and care for the children is evident and we, as parents, are so grateful for all you do.”

“A massive thank you to each and every one of you for the amazing care, support, friendship and time you have given to both our girls over the past 3 years. The children have enjoyed being with you more than I could have ever wished for and we as parents have enjoyed feeling part of this amazing team.”

“I couldn’t have wished ffrontor a better environment for the girls to begin school life; friendly, caring, loving and fun.”

“Knowing I could leave my girls in such expert hands has been a blessing. Our family will always remember such happy pre-school memories, thanks to all of you.”

“I really think the pre-school is such a lovely place, a special place. Our daughter has had such a wonderful time and we feel very grateful that she has had nothing but positive experiences and that is all down to you. Thank you doesn’t really seem enough.”


“I can honestly say the staff make the pre-school what it is. An outstanding, caring, warm, happy, safe, encouraging environment for our children.”

“My son always came home smiling and nearly always skipping.”

“The staff have created such a happy wonderful, caring, inspiring atmosphere. We love that the children spend a lot of time outside, the garden is one of my favourite features.”

“The outside space, wonderful staff and the fact that every time I collect my son he is happy.”